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Hi there! C' mon in. You've been invited to take a tour through my top secret hide out filled with automotive memorabilia. Take a few moments and look around. There is much to see. I've been collecting all things automotive since I was a kid. I had always dreamed about creating a small retreat for myself where I could go and enjoy all of my automotive treasures, but I never really had space to display them all. In 1998 we finally purchased a house with a basement big enough to create my vision. The previous owner had started a basement remodel but lost interest in the project. Because the basement was not all finished it allowed me to move some walls around and really make it what I wanted.

I've always admired the 1940's style gas station architecture and 1950's style diners, so I used those as my inspiration for designing the space. Over the course of 10 months about 500 sq. ft. of space was transformed into a display / rec. room, a work shop and play room for our kids. All the construction work was done by myself including laying the carpet and tile and building the bar. The bar is built from glass block and Corian®. I also constructed an entertainment center from some left over materials I had from the bar.

On display is my 1500+ die-cast car collection of varying scales, model cars, automotive artwork, and racing memorabilia. Also, in the photos you'll notice the '90 1.6 Miata motor. I got the motor as a freebee from a friend who had to buy a replacement motor for his Miata. I brought it home, painted it and made the display base for it.

Also pictured are my original Hot Wheel Redlines and Flying Colors, Matchbox, and Corgi's from when I was kid. I went pretty easy on them so most have survived in near mint condition. I also have over 500 packaged cars above in custom made racks I designed. I made the racks so that the packages could easily slide in and out.

You will also see the models I have built over the past twenty years and numerous 1/24 scale die-cast and plastic promo cars I've collected.

Also, below is a picture of a driver's suit and crew uniform. The uniforms are from the MOMO Ferrari 333sp / Doran racing team. This driver's suit was worn at the 1998 Rolex 24hrs race in which the MOMO team won. The suit is autographed by Max Papis ( one of the four drivers to compete in that car ) and was given to me by the Doran team in appreciation for the paint scheme design I did for them.

The two end tables made from the custom wheels have two purposes. First they look cool in the basement and second it's a convenient way to store my MINI's summer wheels during the winter months. The center table is made from a real Indy car rain tire that I got from a friend.

The last photos show my work shop. A little messy, but functional. I own about 500 or so kits that should keep my busy in my retirement years. Also I have a pretty decent research library, including a near complete Scale Auto Enthusiast collection and Hot Rod magazines back to the '70's.

Well that's it. Thanks for stopping by!!!



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