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1957 Ford Custom Police Car - Model King / Revell box art project (built 2013)

In late 2012, I was asked by Model King to create the box art for a special issue of the new Revell '57 Ford Custom sedan kit. Apparently, when the new tooling was done for the kit they also created some vintage police car parts and Model King was able to get the rights to issue a special limited edition run with the new police car parts added. I was really excited to work on this project because I love old police cars and I had been wanting to a do a box art illustration with a night scene. A police car with all the lights blaring would be just the ticket. (Pun intended.)

The illustration shown above was painted by hand using a Wacom monitor in Photoshop CS6. I wanted the illustration to have a '50's era car advertising Gouache painting feel to it. It's a little different from the other box art illustrations I've done in the past, but it's appropriate to the time period.

The kit features a unique siren, beacon light, spotlight, antenna and police radio not found in the regular Revell 2n1 kit.

In addition to the illustration, I also built the sample model below which is featured in photography on the sides of the box. The model was built straight from the box. I also collaborated on the decal sheet design with Dave Van and the design team at Revell. It features a bevy of both fictional and authentic agency graphics.

Production decals were not available at the time when I built the model, so I simply Photoshopped the police graphics on in these photos.

The kit should be available sometime around spring 2013.





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