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1962 Mercury Comet - (built 1989)

I re-built this "slammer model" from an original AMT '62 Mercury Comet I bought already built at a swap meet. I thought it would look cool as a "Thunderbolt" style pro street car.

After dissembling the model, the old paint was stripped and redone with some turquiose Odds & Ends paint I found at a craft store. I also added a vacuum formed Ford Fairlane T-bolt hood scoop from R&R Vacuum Craft and Halibrand wheels from a Revell '36 Ford street rod kit to complete the sixties look. I also drilled out the inboard head lights and replaced them with real wire mesh screen to replicate the holes for the ducted T-bolt intake. Other details include photo-etched hood pins and aluminum tube exhaust tips exiting through the bumper.



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