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Moebius / Model King 1969 Ford F-100 short bed pickup model kit packaging design - (2014)

As a freelance packaging designer for the hobby industry, I've done several model kit package designs for Moebius Models and Model king. The '69 Ford F-100 model had been a hotly anticipated kit, so I was very happy to get the call to create the box top illustration, box design, decal design and build the display model shown on the box.

Even though the kit is an all new modern kit I still wanted the box art to have a era correct vibe, so I created the box top illustration by hand. It's done in an expressive "tone on tone" marker and pastel chalk illustration style that was popular on car brochures in the late '60's and early '70's. I also incorporated a pop-art style "69" into background which also was a signature look from that period.

I built this display model and photographed it for the box. You'll no doubt notice my model appears to have both chrome and painted bumpers. In 1969, Ford offered this pickup with both chrome and painted white bumpers and grills on Custom Cabs. In order to show both versions, I had to build the model with the chrome bumpers first (as supplied in the kit), then after it was photographed I took it apart, stripped the chrome, painted the bumpers and then re-photographed it. So, now my model only has the white trim.

It should also be noted that the model shown here is NOT the final production version of the kit. My model is built from a second round test shot. Based on feedback from the modeling community, the body and hood tooling was changed to make it more accurate. You'll also notice the sample tonneau cover on my model which also did not make it into the production kit. This makes my model a one-off and extremely rare prototype.

For the body paint on my model, I used Tamiya Corel Blue spray paint which is a close match to "Tropical Turquoise" which was a factory Ford color in 1969.

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