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Here's a sample model kit packaging design from my portfolio.


1975 Chevy Laguna S-3 model kit package design - (built 2007 :: Model King box art project #9)

The model kit package design and decals for the re-issue of the '75 Chevy Laguna stock car kit was another project I did for Model King. The package features a similar design theme I created for the other vintage stock car model kits in this collection. Other boxes and decal sheets I designed for this series include a Monte Carlo, Cyclone and Torino.

First, I created the dramatic car illustration (shown above) for the top of the package. It's a digital illustration that was drawn and painted by hand in Photoshop CS2 on a Cinteq monitor. I also created the layout for the box using Photoshop and created the art for the decals in Illustrator.

The manufacturer supplied me with a test shot of the kit and I built this model (shown below) to use for the package photography. I photographed the model and then used the pictures to create digital photo compositions of the model on a real track.

To avoid licensing issues with known drivers and sponsors I created my own unique design for the car's paint scheme. Although the art and sponsors are fictional I did research on the era to try and give them an era correct look. Fellow model builder Paul Alleman was kind enough to also supply me scans from his original sticker collection which I used to recreate accurate secondary fender decals.

For the decal sheet I also tried to design details which I thought serious modelers would appreciate but many kit manufacturers often overlook; things like tire lettering, gauge faces, and grill screens.

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