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1995 Dodge Ram VTS Hemi Custom Pickup - (built 2011)

I was about half-way through my buildup of a pro-touring '77 Volare when I decided my track toy would need a tow vehicle. Of course it would have to be Mopar. After searching through my kit stash I decided to build this Revell '95 Dodge Ram VTS pickup.

This was a fairly straight forward build. I wanted my Ram Truck to emulate the Volare I was building and capture the flare of the '70's Mopar muscle cars with some modern touches. Body mods include a resin hood '70 AAR C'Cuda style hood which I bought off ebay.

I also added a front splitter to the airdam made from styrene. Later I covered the airdam and splitter with carbon fiber decals to match the Volare. I wanted to do something a little custom with the headlight treatment so I dug through my parts box and found some small lenses which I used to make the HID style lights. The wheels and tires are 20 inchers which came from the Revell Magnum SRT Wagon. The big Brembo brakes are my own resin pieces which I re-cast from a Tamiya WRC Focus. The suspension was also heavily modified so I could get that super low stance

The paint is the same Tamiya candy lime green which I used on the Volare and the decals are my own design which I printed and clear decal paper. The rest of the model was built out of the box.

Lastly, the trailer for the Volare is the single axle version found in the old MPC '76 Chevy Caprice kit. I added some Viper rims and tires to the trailer to match the look of the truck.





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