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1996 Chevy Tahoe LA County Sherriff's Vehicle- (built 1998)

For this LA County Sheriff's vehicle I used Ertl's snap '96 Chevy Tahoe kit. The toughest part of this project was modifying the kit's double headlight grill into the real truck's single headlight grill. I made a master model but it was too flimsy to use in the final model so I ended up making my own resin cast duplicate for the completed model. The wheels are also my own resin pieces taken from a mold made from the spare tire molded into the chassis. The rear doors were modified into the double side opening style which required me to make a casting of the door handle to relocate it. The graphics are decals from Fred Cady. This model was also featured in Terry Jesse's "Light Commercial" column in Scale Auto Enthusiast magazine.



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